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Why opt for copper for your plumbing installations?


Copper: a valuable ally for your plumbing installations

It is far from insignificant that our company has chosen copper as a main material. It is a natural material that is infinitely recyclable and completly pure, unlike brass which is a blend of copper and zinc (the latter promotes corrosion). Naturally bacteriostatic, copper limits the formation of biofilm and the proliferation of bacteria such as staphylococci and legionella thereby preser ving the quality of water.


Because of how brass manifolds are designed, each unused departure must be mechanically sealed. The professional must per form a meticulous
clamping, with a per fectly suitable joint and good equipment. The waterproofness is then obtained by compression of the joints. Unlike brass, copper is neutral and infinitely convertible which makes it possible to cutom a regular product. Therefore, to ensure wateproof sealing, even though copper and brass materials are comparable, copper is a more flexible plumbing solution, which can be rigorously adapted to every needs and does not depend on expertise and time spent by the plumber during the installation.


The european market’s standard brass manifolds is composed of unilateral outflows. The plumber must sometimes ensure rigorous fitting when positioning sanitar y water networks because of cross-over inflows (upper and lower) that are impossible to execute with a brass manifold.
Copper allows to cross branch connections and ease implementation in narrow technical ducts. The flexibility of undertaking prefabricated copper solutions also allows fluid distribution without using mechanical connections. Beyond an easier implementation, this solution considerably reduces the risk of leakage.


The cost of a four outflow cold water and one outflow hot water brass collector, including wall mounting supports and hose couplings, represents about 50€. Amount to which the supply time of the various components must be added then the time of assembly of the couplings and implementation on site, which is usually around an hour and a half. In comparison, all these operations are simplified to the extreme with a copper collector NEOF’X produced by FLOVEA: a complete set, in a single purchase, of pure material, already assembled, properly dimensioned, perfectly adapted and fully waterproof. Our product has also proven itself to be a huge time saver as it reduce time on site by at lease 30 min. For less than 100 €, it is an easier solution to implement on site but also a difficult reliability to reach with a trade product assembly.

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