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Our Water Supply System PipeWork

Prefabricated Water Supply System Pipework




Save time on site and guarantee a high quality pipework installation by choosing prefabrication for your construction projects

Combine efficiency and uniformity for your work on site.


◦ Valve before water meter ◦ Anti-pollution valve


◦ Copper tubes hardened with anti-corrosion treatment ◦ Opinion cstb 35432 ◦ Change of direction: 2 % silver brazing ◦ Capillary: tin / silver / bronze soldering ◦ Brass connections ◦ 80 % recycled PVC support plate


◦ Holes waiting on the support board for wallmounting ◦ Sound proof tubes & color code brackets


◦ Made according to the needs per floor ◦ Number of water departures to be defined ◦ Gasket to seal the pipe coupling => leak free guarantee ◦ Tested in our workshop

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