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Prefabricated Plumbing : a New Solution for the Construction Industry Professionals


For major construction projects, prefabricated plumbing answers the needs and requirements of the professionnals.

Between reliability, economies of scale and logistics simplicity, the construction indusrty professionnals are today choosing prefabricated solutions for their plumbing operations in order to answer the technical requirements of their customers.


Prefabricated plumbing kits bring superior guarantees of compliance with the required standards and certifications: the parts are produced in series, in factory, in strict respect of French standards.


In construction phase, workers have plumbing elements that have benefited from a prior engineering effort. The kits are delivered on site, with the installation plans. This logistic support allows an optimization of the organization of work and a management that is both simpler and reactive for the site manager or the project manager. By asking less unqualified staff and avoiding improvised solutions on site, prefabricated plumbing demonstrates another advantage: the reduction of accidents on site.


Time saver; Superior quality; Uniformity in mounting work; Uniformity in reliability; Strict compliance with standards.

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