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FLOVEA’s Connected Plumbing At The BIG 5 In Dubai


The BIG 5 

In order to maintain its international development goal and, in particular, its establishment one the Middle East market, FLOVEA wen to the BIG 5 in Dubai at the end of November to meet its partners.

It’s is a major show in the construction and civil engineering sector in which are held conferences, exhibitions and awards.
It was therefore an essential event to consolidate FLOVEA’s network and mingle with the crowd of innovators and precursors of new technologies. The company was able to benefit from the Solar Decathlon kiosk at the BIG 5 to mark its visibility and meet the visitors.

In order to adapt to local standards, FLOVEA’s team has been able to get around the working methods and materials used on sites by regularly visiting various ongoing projects. Meeting with local construction actors helped to identify developments in the sector on the ground, but also to provide our team with a better knowledge of the Middle East needs and behavioral patterns. The urban landscape of the United Arab Emirates is changing rapidly and radically. The growing trend in the area is to build « zero energy » houses and to speed up the construction mode.

Consequently, brining new innovations to their ongoing projects is their main concern. Thus, the new product presented by FLOVEA, the FLOWBOX Interactive, announces great success in this environment of modernity and unique solutions. 

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