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Difference between Copper Manifolds or Brass Manifolds


Copper : a major ally for your plumbing installations

Choosing copper was for us obvious! It’s a 100% recyclable, pure and natural material, unlike brass which is a blend of copper and zinc  (this mix favours corrosion). Naturally bacteriostatic, copper limits biofilm formation and the proliferation of bacteria such as legionela thus preserving the quality of sanitary water.


Because of the way brass manifolds are made, every non-used departure must be mechanically sealed. The worker has to perform a meticulous tightening, with a perfectly adapted gasket and the right equipment. Sealing is here obtained by the compression of the joints. Unlike brass, copper is neutral and convertible indefinitely. This feature makes it possible to produce “custom-made standard products”, which means to manufacture a standard manifold that is flexible in diameter, in order to adapt the flow rates to the french DTU calculation rules. Therefore, to ensure sealing, if copper and brass materials are similar, copper is a more flexible plumbing solution, which can be rigorously adapted to the needs and does not depend on the expertise and time spent by the plumber for the set-up.


The standard brass manifold on the European market is composed of threaded unilateral outlets. The plumber sometimes has to ensure the rigorous adjustment of the hydraulic network’s installation due to crossed outlets (upper and lower chipping) impossible to implement with a brass manifolds. Copper allows to cross chippings and facilitate the implementation in technical ducts that can sometimes be narrow. The flexibility of execution of prefabricated copper solutions also allows a distribution of fluids without using mechanical fittings. Beyond a greater ease of mounting, this solution greatly reduces the risk of leakage.


The cost of a four outlets brass manifold for cold water and one for hot water, including wall supports and fittings represent about 50 euros. Amount to which the supply time of the various components must be added then the time of assembly of the fittings and mounting which take about an hour and a half. Compared to brass manifolds plumbing installations, all these operations are simplified to the extreme with a copper manifold kit such as FLOVEA’s : a complete set, in a single purchase, of pure material, already assembled, properly dimensioned and perfectly adapted and waterproof. For less than 100 €, it is an easier solution to implement but also a difficult reliability to reach with a trade product assembly.

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