Our Team

A Skilled and Effective TEAM

Around his founding leader, Thierry Mignot, FLOVEA reflects a team of professionals working closely together around a high quality objective, true company’s DNA.

Management & Administration

Steming from the learning process of sanitary and heating plumbing, our leader knows all the nuts and bolts of the job: from the technical part to the engineering office.

tm@flovea.fr – Thierry Mignot – Chairman
al@flovea.fr – Anita Lacaze – Finance Manager

Research & Devlopment

Constant research is carried out to support the quality objective of the company. We strive to make sanitary and heating plumbing accessible with priority to improve the user and the professional’s comfort. 

Sales Department

Fabien Dubertrand is your privileged interlocutor. Attentive to your specific needs and listening to your problems, he will guide you in order to determine together what best fits your expectations.

fd@flovea.fr – Sales Representative

Communication & Marketing

Encouraging the economic growth and visibility of the company, this department is carrying FLOVEA towards a digital transition thus allowing the company to enhance its expertise to all. 

aw@flovea.fr – Chief Marketing Officer


Our production manager oversees and supervises the workshop team to ensure that the quality standards and objectives set by FLOVEA are respected. Each stage of the production chain is controlled, from receipt of the order until delivery.

atelier@flovea.fr – Production Manager

Engineering Office

We carry out expertise within our company. We achieve the modelling of our products in order to guarantee them an outstanding quality. The study office conducts execution plans from sketches in order to guide the production team best.

be@flovea.fr – Engineering Office Manager

FLOVEA is an Innovative Company

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