Heating Plumbing

FLOVEA’s manifolds facilitate the implementation of all types of hydraulic heating distribution. The heating range is also innovative boiler equipment. Find out more !


EASY Plomberie Chauffage - Collecteur easy - regular / glissementPlomberie Chauffage - Collecteur easy - regular / mâle


Dosseret CELIA pour Arrière de Chaudière - FLOVEA

Why us ?

Sustainable Quality

Industrial production of FLOVEA’s plumbing components, certified Origin France Guarantie (Afnor Cert. 70486), offers a high level of homogeneous quality. Each item produced is subject to quality control at the hydraulic test bench at 6,5 bars for perfect sealing.

Cost Saving

With a scaled and hassle free plumbing kit, you spend less time on site and limit risks of accidents at work. The cost of FLOVEA’s solutions is similar to the price of traditional materials.

Sanitary Safety

FLOVEA’s sanitary safety solutions conform with the plumbing DTU. The company uses exclusively copper-treated material for its bacteriostatic qualities. All production benefits from antibacterial rinse.

Optimized Logistics

FLOVEA simplifies the logistics management of manufacturers by ensuring the delivery of installation kits ready to be placed on site or in deposit.

Hassle free Installation

Our company’s ranges are innovative and ready to install. You have a detailed incorporation plan and an efficient and reactive technical support.

Counseling & Support

If the solutions do not meet your needs perfectly, our specialists design and manufacture your custom kit.

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